Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi

The Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja is a financial empowerment scheme launched by the Karnataka government in 2024.It specifically targets women who are heads of their households and are facing economic hardship.

Here’s a breakdown of the scheme’s key features and its significance:

Goal: Empower women by providing them with monthly cash transfers, allowing them to better manage household finances and improve their living standards.

Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi
Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi


• Permanent resident of Karnataka

• Head of household

• Below the poverty line (BPL)

• Not receiving benefits under similar schemes


Financial Security: Direct cash assistance offers a safety net for basic needs and household expenses.

Improved Living Standards: Funds can be used for education, healthcare, nutrition, and sanitation, leading to overall improvement in well-being.

Social Empowerment: Financial independence enhances women’s decision-making power within the household and community.

Gender Equality: Recognizes the contributions of women and helps bridge the economic gap.


• Uplifts women facing economic challenges.

• Contributes to improved living standards for families.

• Promotes gender equality and social development in Karnataka.

Checking Your Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi Status

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in checking your application status for the Mahiti Kanaja Gruhalakshmi scheme:

1.Visit the Official Portal: Head over to the Karnataka Mahiti Kanaja website at

2.Locate the Status Check Option: There are two main ways to find the application status section:

Search Bar: Look for a search bar on the website and type in “Gruhalakshmi Application Status” or similar keywords.

Quick Links/Services: Some versions of the website might have a section for “Quick Services” or a list of available departments. Explore these sections to find the option related to “Gruhalakshmi Application Status.”

3.Enter Required Details: Once you locate the status check section, you’ll likely be required to enter your Ration Card Number (RC Number) or any other application ID provided during registration.

4.Submit and View Status: After entering your details, click the “Submit” button. The website should then display your application status, indicating whether it’s been approved, pending, or facing any issues.


Overall, the Gruhalakshmi Mahiti Kanaja scheme is a noteworthy initiative with the potential to create a positive ripple effect throughout the state.

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